Healing, Science, & Spiritual Connection

Palo Santo has a long spiritual history. References to this tree date back to the Incan era, when it was used in rituals and ceremonies throughout Amazonia.

A mystical tree, Palo Santo grows wild in the tropical dry forests of Ecuador, Peru, and the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico. It does not look particularly beautiful or impressive but what it offers is very rare, unusual, and magical. Spanish monks who discovered the tree centuries ago named it “palo santo” – “holy wood” or “the wood of the saints.”

Healers and shamans of South America believe that Palo Santo has a strong spirit that has to be treated with respect. The spirit continues to live in the wood long after the tree has fallen, and when treated properly, will assist in restoring your physical and energetic wellbeing.

Throughout Amazonia, shamans have been using Palo Santo in medicinal practices to help with relieving symptoms of common colds and flu, asthma, headaches, stress, anxiety, emotional pain, and various other diseases.


The path of metabolizing unprocessed pain or grief

Unprocessed pain manifests as the “shadow” because it is repressed energy that becomes stuck, then concretizes in the psyche, forming patterns where the wound is. The pain ends up running the show and becomes the “picker” of things because it is trying to get recognized.

To feel our unmetabolized, unprocessed pain, we must feel safe. Be in our body and understand how to hold ourselves through pain, to work with our pain, to nourish ourselves, and be good parents to our body physically, emotionally, and energetically. If we do not feel safe, we cannot relax enough to feel our deeper selves.

There was a disconnection in those painful moments. Our grief turned into shame in the body, and we started to live solely in the mental body.

These are the places where we have an opportunity to reconnect with the sacred, elemental, and primal Mother in order to remember how to hold ourselves in our pain, grief, terror, anguish, hopes, dreams, joys, visions, and celebrations.


The path of metabolizing unprocessed pain or grief

The study of the human condition through psychology and therapy practices has brought healing once believed only achievable through enlightenment in spirituality.

By accepting spirituality & science as old friends, faces of the same coin, our ceiling of potential expand beyond what we may be able to currently comprehend.

With the understanding of this enlightenment confirmed through proven science, Palo Santo serves as a guide helping individuals meet and recognize their shadow and cultivate integration of both the light and dark. This is a process of healing.

Palo Santo seeks the path to finding healing in the community with ingenuity and mindfulness.