Healing in Community


Living with the Rhythms of the Natural World.

A somatic, nature immersion experience.

Winter TBD
In-Person Offering



PolyVagal Theory and Bottom Up Approaches for Complex Trauma

December 9th, 12-4pm

Live Online Webinar


Fay O’Neill, LCSW, Somatic Therapist

Follow the link below to learn more & register:




The Physiology of Shame

Winter TBD, CEUs

In-Person/Online Offering




Neuroaffective Circuits & the Role of Impulse in Trauma Healing

Winter TBD, CEUs

In-Person/Online Offering




Previously Offered Events

PolyVagal Theory and Bottom Up Approaches for Complex Trauma

April 30th, 9-12pm, 3 CEUs

Live Interactive Webinar

Fay O’Neill, LCSW



Tending the Fire: Burnout Prevention & Recovery Retreat


June 11th, 10:30-3:30pm

Christina Conrad, LPC-S, SEP

Osage Forest of Peace
In-Person Offering

$125/5 CEUs



Living with the Rhythms of the Natural World.

November 5th, 9:00-12:00pm
Lake Bixhoma, OK

A somatic, nature immersion experience with
Erica Porter, LPC




October 14th, 4-5:30pm

Bartlesville, OK


Curious what Trauma Sensitive Yoga and meditation is all about? Come experience it for yourself and see if it might be useful to you before deciding to commit to our longer 6-week class series. A special treat will be a short crystal singing bowl sound bath at the closing of the class.

To reserve your spot with Fay O’Neill, LCSW, contact her at Fay@PaloSantoTherapy.com.




Psychedelic Cannabis Ceremony

November 8th, 2-7pm
Tulsa, OK


This 5 hour retreat with Christina Conrad, LPCS, SEP, Somatic Psychotherapist, and Psychedelic Integration Specialist, will include the use of intention, breathwork and a personal, deeply explorative experience with Psychedelic Cannabis. This involves the use of a blend of 5+ strains carefully selected for their specific properties plus flower essence, which offers access to the psychedelic space not typically available through regular cannabis use. Ceremony will conclude with group processing & integration.

Space is limited.

Contact Rebecca at (918)549-5019 to register.